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Ice Breaking Bachelorette Party Games

Sometimes it can seem like the most stringent parties to throw together involve a group of ladies who don't know each other. They may be flying in from different parts of the country, or schoolmates and people from the office. How do you get everyone to connect in a meaningful manner? Why not start by playing some ice-breaking games? All the gals will get to know each other in a light, humorous way. The group will feel at ease because laughter is a fabulous way for everyone to bond.  

Introduction Circle

The quickest way to break the ice would be to introduce each member of the party. Get everyone seated in a circle. Start by having a partygoer utter her first name, along with a drink she enjoys that begins with the letter of her first name. The next guest tells her personal line and then the line of the previous guests. Follow through until everyone has introduced themselves and the previous ladies who came before her. This may be a tough game to pull off if your bachelorette party is huge. But this is not for accuracy, so don't take everything to seriously, especially the last girl in the line! It's all in good fun and will start the bachelorette party on a high note. 

"I Never" Drinking Game

To play this, each girl will get to make an "I never" statement. Anyone who has performed the activity has to take a shot or a drink. This game will break the ice promptly, depending on the kinds of declarations your bachelorette party guests are able to make. A great way to follow up would be to hire a Charlotte male stripper to see if their "I never" statements will hold up.

What's In Your Purse

This an ice-breaking game in which the hostess gives out a list of common items that women carry in their purses, then they match them up. You can find lists online to print out, or better yet make up your own so it will be unique to your group. Everyone will fill out the list by checking off the items that are currently in their bags. Whoever has to most items on the list is the winner. Make sure that the winners prove they do have the desired things in their purse by having them show it off. Most people are nosy/curious as to what the other women have in their bags, so this time tested game is always a bachelorette party classic.

Bride Stories

This is about guests alternate relating a story about their most hilarious or most intense experience with the bride-to-be. The group then decides on the most extraordinary story, and the winner acquires a prize. If there are any party guests who are not familiar with the bride, they can relay another humorous anecdote, perhaps about the groom or other bridal showers they've attended.

Bride Trivia

 For this game, create a questionnaire about the bride-to-be and even the groom if the guests are familiar with him as well. The quiz should be multiple-choice for uncomplicated scoring. Anything with a story behind their relationship or a specific answer will work. When everyone has completed answering all the questions, have the bride provide the exact answers, and everyone can compare to their own questionnaire. The party guest with the most accurate responses wins an amusing prize. 

Secret and Banned Words 

The bride-to-be picks a secret word, and throughout the party, the first person to utter the secret word gets a prize. Don't make it too easy by selecting something that everyone will perhaps mention immediately, like a current event or an activity you will be doing later. Instead, pick a topic that might turn up, but it isn't surefire to be a significant issue of dialogue.

Name That Tune

Before the party, you can make a list of songs and pull random lyrics out.  Give everyone the list so they can identify the tunes they came from. You can make this easier by purchasing a Name That Tune game, making them for many different music decades and styles. That way, you will be able to find genres that the majority of the guests will listen to. 

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